Approach every project like it’s the only one you have;

sweat the details; get obsessive over quality and workmanship and this results in not only a project completed on time and on budget, but a client whose respect you have earned and business that continues to flourish. That has been our philosophy since we opened our doors in 1992, and our growth and reputation throughout the community has proven that our approach works.


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specialized services in a diverse range of construction disciplines including sewer and water main construction, land development, concrete projects including sidewalks/curbs, residential and commercial foundations, road grading, general construction, triaxle trucking, and slinging.

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Further, not to lean too heavily on another business truth, but success does breed success. In our case, success attracts the best workers the region has to offer. From labourers and skilled trades to operators and foreman, Centennial offers its clients one of the most experienced, knowledgeable, and accomplished construction work forces in the Golden Horseshoe region. Centennial has been family run and operated since its start has and continued into its second generation who have brought their own knowledge, resources and grit into the playing field.

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Simply put, At Centennial, we know our business.

We are dedicated to excellence, and we are backed by quality and a rapport within the region you know you can trust.

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